Aims & Objectives

  1. One and all here yearn, join hands and enjoin upon others too to pragmatise Academic SUCCESS & INTELLECTUAL EXCELLENCE meeting the challenges of globalization.

  2. All facet growth of mind and body flavoured with ethics.

  3. LCM: love compassion and mercy paving the way for discipline & punctuality.

  4. Foresighted, rational, scientific and optimistic out look toward life.

  5. Communicative skills for professional success and ability to achieve High Goals.

  6. Secularism, internationalism, work culture and dedication to social work and welfare..

  7. Self-confidence, dignity, of labour and service before self.

  8. Fundamental values of sharing joys and sorrows, expression, tolerance, honesty, truth and love for mankind and animal kingdom too.

Sadhu Singh Shergill Academy
V.P.O. Mukandpur
Distt - S.B.S. Nagar
PUNJAB Post Code - 144507
+91-9463101884, 01823-276239

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