Many people regard early childhood education teaching positions as some of the most important in the field of education. It is during the early stages of development that children learn languages, establish cognitive skills and cultivate creative abilities. Early childhood education training programs make sure that teachers of these young learners make the most of that critical time in children's lives

A good teacher challenges students to comprehend reason, reflect and apply. Traditional methods with their emphasis on rote memorization of content are not adequate to build these skills. While most teachers are willing to try to teach 'differently', many are constrained by lack of understanding of - 'What to do differently?' and 'How to do differently?' Effective teacher training can address these issues by providing teachers with an opportunity to gain pedagogical and content knowledge and enhance their skills. This will help them evolve personally and professionally so that their teaching is always relevant and interesting.

Adults, like children, learn best through hands-on experiences rather than mere theoretical inputs. This principle forms the backbone of Maple bear's approach to teacher training. The course is interactive and incorporates a range of learning experiences including discussion, activities and reflections. It is comprehensive - structured by merging theory with practice. It enables the trainees to extend their pedagogical understanding as well as upgrade their skills for applying theoretical understanding in actual classrooms.

Course Content:
  • Child Development
  • Language & Literacy
  • Cognitive Development : Math madness, Sensational Science
  • Creative Development
  • Social & Emotional development
  • Physical Development
  • Sensory Development
  • Curriculum
  • Parent teacher conferences
  • Teacher planners and teaching aids
  • Classroom Management
  • Special Needs in Early Childhood Development
  • Child abuse: signs of abuse and reporting requirements for early childhood professionals
Course Duration:
  • 6 months, 5 days a week , 3 hours per day which includes 1 month of internship in school.
Course Fee:
  • 35000/-
  • Additional 3 months on hand training in the Sadhu Singh Maple Bear Canadian School Mukandpur (Rs. 15000/-)

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