Principal's Desk

I extend my hearty welcome to all the new entrants seeking admission to this prestigious academy and congratulate to those who get promoted in the next grade. As a child grows into a youth, the sapling planted in 1983 has grown into a banyan tree spreading its shade and serenity all around.

School not only teaches academics but also prepare students for future by inculcating good values. The development of the students has to be balanced on all fronts i.e. mental, physical, emotional and spiritual and I am happy that our academy is putting in best effort to achieve excellence in all the fields. Future always belongs to those who are groomed and prepared to face the challenges. Our alumni have proved this is a big way.

With Best Wishes

Mr. Bhupinder Singh

Sadhu Singh Shergill Academy
V.P.O. Mukandpur
Distt - S.B.S. Nagar
PUNJAB Post Code - 144507
+91-9463101884, 01823-276239

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